Healing and Fortifying Relationships

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" Tyler was very helpful for both of us.  We are engaged to be married and we came to Tyler in the hopes of cultivating a healthier, more healing-centered style of communication.  We love each other very much and wanted a happy future together.  We were arguing about the same things repeatedly without really understanding why.  During our 5 months of seeing Tyler together, we learned how to advocate for one another so we could understand each other’s needs and motivations. This helped us resolve our conflicts with meaningful, calm discussion instead of chaotic emotional arguing.  We learned about ourselves and how our own issues were affecting how we interacted with each other. Thank you Tyler for showing us and teaching us how to communicate with love."

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Dear Friend,

Relationships can be our greatest source of joy and fulfillment, or our greatest source of sorrow and heartache. To some degree we all struggle
in relationships.
There are times when we feel disconnected, alone, unimportant, and rejected. We try reaching out only to be met with defensiveness, indifference, or criticism. We put up walls to protect ourselves - to keep us emotionally safe from our partner. We may feel confused, disoriented, and trapped with no visible way out. The efforts we make to increase connection and intimacy seem futile. The harder we try to bridge the distance, the wider the chasm becomes, and we lose hope.

Like an iceberg, your relationship has a lot going on below the surface that cannot be seen clearly. I go below the surface of behavior, and bring awareness to the deep, underlying emotional needs within each partner.

It has been my pleasure to aid individuals, couples, and families in healing their most important relationships. I help them make sense of their negative patterns and begin to see themselves, and their loved ones in a whole new way.

Progress is made as each person takes responsibility for their own needs and behaviors. Healing happens as each person learns to vulnerably ask to have their own emotional needs and longings met, and compassionately accepts the needs, emotions, and perspective of the other person. It is very fulfilling to witness this change as individuals reach for one another and become more secure in their attachment bond.

In my practice I have shared many sacred moments with couples who were able to forgive deep relationship injuries of the past, such as the devastating effects of addictions, separations, and affairs. I have facilitated repair and bonding events between parents and their children, which promoted a greater sense of love and acceptance.

Don’t wait any longer to experience the joy and fulfillment of closer relationships!

You are SO worth it!

Tyler D. Cazier, LPC, NCC

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Recognized as one of the three best rated
marriage counselors in Boise

Tyler is intuitive and wise in helping couples change negative ways of interacting to achieve greater connection.  He has an empathetic and effective approach for helping clients address their difficulties.  It is easy to feel safe and heard in his presence.  Tyler has worked wonders with many couples and can help you achieve the intimate relationship you desire.
- Laura Brotherson, LMFT, CST, CFLE and author of
And They Were Not Ashamed and Knowing Her Intimately

Tyler is a gifted, caring professional who threw us a lifeline that literally saved our marriage. He provided a safe, nurturing environment for both of us and didn’t take sides. We have recommended him to two other people who have used his services and echo what we experienced.”  -- D.J.W.